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DR1920 Picture  Duplex Back-Up Pump Controller
DR1920 Duplex Lift Station Pump Controller $395.00 Buy Specifications Manual

Did you ever see a sewage lift station overflow?  It really makes a mess and a horrible odor.

The image above is a DR1920 Back-Up Pump Controller.  Its purpose is to keep tanks from overflowing when the normal control system fails.

If the pumps have power and are functional and can have a switch or transistor open or close on a high tank level, this module can start the pumps in a controlled manner and empty the tank to a selected level.


The DR1920 Back-Up Pump Control is used to monitor a backup level alarm in a tank or wet well and start up to two pumps when a high alarm switch is closed. The unit is used as a backup to normal tank / well level controls and is wired to a High-High Alarm switch to prevent overflows in situations where the primary level control system fails.

When the level switch in the tank or well is closed, the DR1920 closes a relay that starts Pump 1 and starts an internal Timer 1. When Timer 1 reaches its set time, and the level alarm switch is still closed, Pump 2 is started to make sure the pumps can lower the tank level against the inflow. Pump 1 and Pump 2 will run until the level drops and the High-High Alarm switch opens. When the level switch contact opens, Timer 2 is started and both pumps continue to run until Timer 2 reaches its set time. Timer 2 can be set to lower the contents to the desired level.
 If the alarm switch had opened during the Timer 1 interval, Timer 2 is started when the switch opens. Pump 2 is not started and Pump 1 will run until Timer 2 reaches its set time.

 The DR1920 can be set to alarm on either a switch opening or on a switch closing.

 A Reset input is provided to stop the pumps and reset the timers. It requires a contact closure or open collector transistor being activated.

 Since the Back Up Pump Control is used only when there is a problem with the primary control, digital alarm inputs, as well as reset inputs, are provided to allow the periodic exercising of the system to verify functionality. These inputs can be activated by switches or transistor outputs from a PLC.


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