SIB-V245 / V453 Motorola™ MOSCAD
Mixed Input / Output SCADA Interface Board

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SIB-V245 / V453 Serial Interface Board Picture


SIB-V245 / V453
Motorola™ MOSCAD
Mixed I/O
SCADA Interface Board
(Shown with Optional 24 VDC Power Supply)


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  • Features
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Connections
  • 16 Discrete (DI) inputs can be separately set to monitor 10 to 30 VAC / VDC or 120VAC
  • 4 Discrete outputs (DO) are Form C (SPDT) pluggable relays.
  • 4 Bipolar Analog Inputs (AI) provides test points which allow monitoring each of the four AI current signal inputs without breaking the current loop
  • Transient surge arrestors on the AI input can be replaced in the field with a small screwdriver.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL/cUL Recognized
  • 3 Year Warranty

The Model SIB-V245 / V453 SCADA Interface Board (SIB) is an external interface product which extends the ranges of the Motorola ACE3600 Mixed I/O module’s Discrete Inputs (DI), Discrete Outputs (DO) , and provides test points which allow monitoring each Analog Input’s (AI) current signal without breaking the current loop.

Surge arrestors are provided on the SIB board to protect the ACE3600 module Analog Inputs. These surge arrestors can be easily replaced with a small screwdriver if the surge arrestors are damaged. Replacement surge arrestors are available.

An optional plug-in 120VAC powered 24VDC (350mA) power supply is available which can be mounted on the SIB.
The 24VDC power supply can power the DO relays and can be used for excitation of system switches which are being monitored by the DI. It can also power 2 wire transmitters for the Analog Inputs.

A fuse holder with a 1/4 Amp Fast Blow Fuse (5mm x 20mm) for the power supply’s 120VAC power input is vertically mounted on the SIB.

All connections to the SIB board are made to plug-in terminal blocks which plug into Headers on the board. The output terminal blocks, which connect to the ACE3600 module, use 10 pin Headers which accept 10 pin connector terminal blocks. These Terminals and Headers match the ACE3600 Mixed I/O module pin for pin.

Module connector cables of different lengths are optionally available to make the connection from the SIB to the ACE3600 module.


The SIB mounts by sliding into 2 grooves in a plastic track. The plastic track has DIN rail clips so the track can be snapped on to a DIN rail. The track is also shipped with plastic brackets so it can be mounted on a flat surface with 2 screws. Both mounts are supplied with each unit.

The Module connector cable is plugged into the ACE3600 Module and the terminal blocks on the SIB end are plugged into the SIB. The cable has a flexible coating and the wire is flexible stranded to provide ease of positioning.


The SIB-V245 / V453 carries a limited 3 year warranty. In the event of a failure due to defective material or workmanship, during the 3 year period, the unit will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

NOTE: Relays and Surge Arrestors are not covered by the warranty.

DI (16 Digital Inputs)

±10 VDC to 30 VDC
10 VAC to 30 VAC

120 VAC
RoHS Compliant

DO (4 Relay Outputs)

Contacts - Form C (SPDT)
Current Rating - 10A AC or DC
Voltage Rating 277 VAC - 220 VDC
Coil 24 VDC
Coil Current .03A
Contact - Silver Alloy - Gold Flashed
Pull In Voltage = 80% of Rating

ANALOG (4 Bi-Polar Inputs)

± 0 mA to 20 mA or
± 4 mA to 20 mA

SIB-V245 / V453 Dimension Drawing


The SIB has 3 circuits which must be powered. These circuits have several ways to be powered.
1  The four relay coils must be powered (24VDC, 136mA total).
2  The Discrete Inputs must be powered with +/- 10 to 30VDC or 10 to 30VAC or 120VAC. Current for each input is 6.5mA to 10mA.
3  If 2 wire transmitters are used to provide the Analog Inputs, they must be powered 25mA per transmitter.

The optional Plug-In PS 24VDC (350mA) output can simultaneously provide power to the relay coils as well as wetting the components for the DI inputs. This PS is powered by 120VAC on HDR 9. The fuse is in the 120VAC circuit. The plug-in PS 24VDC powers the relay coils as well as four 2 wire transmitters for the analog input.

A Motorola™ available floating power supply in the Mixed I/O Module can provide 24VDC (150mA) for wetting the DI components. This power supply is internal to the ACE3600 and must be obtained from Motorola™.

An external VDC PS can be used to power the relay coils. A different voltage relay coil can be used with a matching external PS.


HDR7 24 EXT PWR Input connection for an external PS. Terminal - is for the negative connection to the external PS. This terminal is connected to the COMDI circuit common.
+24 MODULE Connected to the +24V from the Floating Power Supply in the Module. Its negative terminal is internally connected to the COMDI circuit common.
COMDI Internally connected to the COMDI circuit common from the Module.
PGNDI Internally connected to the PGNDI circuit from the Module
HDR8 Plug -In PS + +24V from Plug-In PS
Plug -In PS - Minus terminal of Plug-In PS
HDR9 120VAC Terminals for power to Plug-In PS. Fuse is in series with right most pin
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